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Theses Details

1 Design Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Phosphodiesterase FourInhibitors for their Anti Depressant and Anxiolytic Potential Muthu Venkatesh Sudali and Mahesh R Pharmacy Birla Institute of Technology and Science 2015
2 Evaluation of corticosteroid vitamin D combination in asthma Agrawal, Ashok Dilipkumar and Mehta, Anita A Pharmacy Gujarat Technological University 2016
3 Synthesis Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Some Hydrazone Derivatives Jadon, Gunjan and Rathore, Kamal Singh PHARMACY Pacific University 2014
4 Formulation development and evaluation of luliconazole emulgel using quality by design approach Shelke Om Sambhaji and Amol Anantrao Kulkarni , Maya Sharma PHARMACY Pacific University 2019
5 Studies On The Effect Of Binders And Polymers Properties Of Sustained Release Metformin Hydrochloride Matrix Tablets Sundaramoorthy. K and K. P. SAMPATH KUMAR Pharmacy Vels University 2017
6 Formulation and Evaluation of Antiparkinsonism Drug Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles for Brain Targeting SOMASUNDARAM I. and S. SATHESH KUMAR Pharmacy Vels University 2016
7 A Rational Approach to Target Proteins for Efficient Anti Cancer Therapy by Perylene Di Imide Derivatives HEMALATHA C.N. and M. VIJEY AANANDHI Pharmacy Vels University 2018
8 Bio Medical Potential of Hinokitiol against Diethyl Nitrosamine Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis Mohamed Zerein Fathima and T.S.Shanmugarajan Pharmacy Vels University 2018
9 Rapid Sensitive and Simple Analytical Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Saquinavir and Phenytoin in Human Plasma Shankar sheshu R. and P. Shanmugasundaram Pharmacy Vels University 2018
10 Studies on the Effect of Binders and Polymers Properties of Sustained Release Metformin Hydrochloride Matrix Tablets Sundaramoorthy K. and K. P. SAMPATH KUMAR Pharmacy Vels University 2017
11 Innovative Application of Quality by Design Technique in Analytical Method Development and Validation for Selected Drugs and its Formulations Sumithra M. and V. RAVICHANDIRAN Pharmacy Vels University 2017
12 Design and Evaluation of Bio nanogel Loaded with Duloxetine and Escitalopram for Brain Targeting via External Acoustic Meatus Raina, Deepika and Satheesh Madhav N.V. Pharmacy DIT University 2019
13 Formulation and Evaluation of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles of Selected Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Nanasaheb, Katkade Pramod and Saudagar, Ravindranath B. PHARMACY Pacific University 2017
14 Development Of Novel Drug Delivery System Based On Pelletization Techniques Patil Vijaykumar S. PHARMACY Pacific University 2018